Bet on cricket with the Dafabet app

Founded in 2004, Dafabet is now one of India’s most popular betting sites. Despite offering a diverse range of online gambling products, including sports betting and casino games, it differentiates itself through its comprehensive sportsbook section and its extensive live-dealer section. There are options for Indian players on the site, including those that are specific to India, and the option of playing in rupees. Continue reading for more information about this site!

Betting on cricket with Dafabet

Betting on cricket with Dafabet

The number one betting market among Indian bettors is cricket because Indians love the game. This is why Dafabet offers a variety of cricket betting options. All types of bets, including big and small ones, can be made on a diverse selection of matches, markets, and betting formats. There are several cricket events available to bet on this platform, including the IPL. Its multiple matches and high odds make the Dafabet IPL attractive to bettors. Besides offering domestic cricket leagues, this bookie provides international leagues as well.

Available markets

Dafabet cricket offers

Dafabet cricket offers a wide range of markets to choose from, but the cricket markets at the top are obviously the most obvious. With this bookmaker, you can bet on cricket matches from all over the world, as well as local matches. The Cricket betting menu of Dafa sports offers a good overview of each cricket betting market with a single click. A virtual cricket league is another option for players who love video games. Betting markets can be switched between before and after a match by clicking the appropriate button. This changes the list of sports and markets which are available to bet on instantly.

  1. Local markets: There is a betting site on Dafabet for every domestic cricket competition. There are lots of odds and markets available for every match. During IPL matches, the best odds are offered, which makes IPL betting the most popular.
  2. International Markets: Across all kinds of international cricket games, series, and tournaments, Dafabet offers hundreds of betting markets. The following markets are available:
    • ODI Series
    • T2O world cup
    • & International Test Series

Betting types available

Betting types with Dafabet

Cricket is a complex sport with many variables that influence the outcome during play, so it’s not surprising there is a large gambling scene associated with it. Several different types of bets are available for Dafabet cricket. Some popular types include:

Choosing the team that will win the tournament outright is a future bet. While your odds of winning are much greater if you place this wager earlier, so is your risk. Dafabet currently offers outright winner wagers on the World Cup 2023 and the T20 World Cup 2020.

Probably the most common cricket bet at sportsbooks is to wager on the match-winner. This involves picking a winner among the teams. If the match is tied, the bet is usually declared void.

The Ashes and other series are more common than a single match between two cricket teams. In series bets, the bettors bet on a team to win the series.

In prop bets, the outcome of the game is the focus. Prop bets are available before matches and during games. It would be good to mention the best bowler and the best batsman, as well as the Over/Under and Who Wins the Toss.