Cricket: what is it in India?

Cricket originally appeared in England and was a sport for intellectuals. However, it later came to India as well. It is now a national treasure of the country, played and followed by the whole population. Even now you can often see children playing street cricket. It is a game between two teams of 11 people each. There are two types: 

  • One-day;
  • Five-day international match.

Regardless of the type, fans watch all major sporting tournaments. But it’s much more interesting to do it and make money. That’s why you should know about legal cricket betting apps. 

Top 10 cricket betting apps in India

cricket betting apps in India

Mobile betting is currently on the rise. Statistics say that more than 80% of today’s gamblers bet from their handheld gadgets. This is due to the simplicity and comfort. Along with general bookmaker’s activities, betting on cricket from cell phones is also gradually growing, the types of bets and their sources are changing. So, the best online cricket betting apps in India:

As you can see, the market for pre-betting programs is pretty extensive on products. There are more and more online applications every day. And if any app is boring you – the cricket exchange betting app will help!

Top-3 reasons to use cricket betting apps

use cricket betting apps

As mentioned, the technical development products of bookmakers have all the necessary features for pleasant cricket betting. But why is it still worth paying attention to them? Here are the answers: 

  1. First, each bookmaker’s company from the previous list is reliable, with an official license;
  2. Second, the support on every system. You can find on the official websites cricket betting apps for Android and for iOS;
  3. Third, their bonus systems for customers, especially new ones, are extremely generous. 

It is these three points that show why it is beneficial for you to use the above companies to make money. Keep in mind, however, that each platform has its own unique strengths that may be of interest to you. 

Online cricket betting apps with the best bonuses

best bonuses cricket betting

Attracting a new audience to the app is not an easy process. And retaining users can be even more difficult. But not for today’s bookmaker market. They actively use bonus systems as part of their promotional campaign. The most interesting offers:

1xBetincrease your deposit by 100%, but no more than INR 10,000
22Betoffers a welcome bonus of up to 100%, not more than INR 10,000 for sports and INR 25,000 for roulette
4rabetpresents up to 200% deposit increment for new players
Parimatchoffer includes a welcome bonus of up to 150%, up to INR 12,000
Dafabetpropones 150% deposit increase up to INR 8,000

This information will allow you to make the right choice of a market with the best mobile app. Further, use the essence of all is the same – live cricket betting and earning money.

How to download and install a cricket betting app

download and install a cricket betting app

Almost every bookmaker has a procedure for downloading and then installing the file. As a rule, the only difference is its location of it on the official site. Thus, in order to perform this operation you should:

  1. Open the official web page of your chosen bookmaker;
  2. Find the apk file;
  3. Click on “Download” icon or on the file itself;
  4. Wait for the process to complete;
  5. Find it in the “Downloads” folder of your device and click on it;
  6. You will see an installation window, follow the instructions.

After a successful process, all you need to do, regardless of the platform you choose, is to log in to your account or register a new one!

How to place bet on cricket in a mobile app

cricket in a mobile app

So, after the app appeared on your gadget, you are faced with the question of how to make your first cricket bet? Especially if you are still new to the field. So, here’s a little guide that allows you to make your first prediction without too many problems and mistakes:

  1. Make sure your account is verified, because only authorized users with a verified profile can make money transactions;
  2. Make a deposit;
  3. Take sure you have used the bonuses and gifts available to you;
  4. Open the sports lineup through the app;
  5. Find a cricket event;
  6. Select the type of bet you want to make;
  7. Enter the amount you want to do;
  8. Confirm action;
  9. Wait for successful completion!

If you win, the funds will be credited to your account and appear in your personal cabinet. Remember, the more bets you place, the better your chances of winning. And the wide list of options will help you make the right choice. 

Types of cricket betting

Types of cricket betting

The options of which bet to make depend on many factors, such as tournament formats and rules features, type of match, team ranking, and more. In order not to get confused, you are prompted to choose the following items: 

Bets on the outcomeYou are required to guess which team will win the meeting.
Betting on totalsYou can bet on the total number of wounds in the match, or on the total of wounds in the boundaries of the individual segment of the game.
Additional betsChoose whether the team wins or loses with a handicap, plus or minus.
Special betsFor example, bet on who will serve first in the match (the outcome of the toss). Available bets on the victory in the first inning, as well as separate bets on player statistics – who is recognized as the best pitcher and batter, etc.

Thus, the above types and usability of the mobile app will be your guide to the world of cricket betting